Google Assistant

How to start?
Google Assistant for Baby Daybook can be invoked by saying “Talk to Baby Daybook to <do something>”. Google Assistant will ask you to sign in with your Google or Facebook account, which you use in the app.

How to specify a baby profile?
You can specify which baby the command is used for by saying “for <baby name>” with each command. All consecutive commands will remember the last used baby name. You don’t need to specify baby name at all if you have a single baby profile in the app.

How to specify a group for activity?
To assign a group, just say “with group <title>” when adding an activity.

Voice commands:


  • start nursing on the right side for Maria
  • stop breastfeeding
  • continue nursing on the left
  • pause breastfeeding
  • switch nursing side
  • which nursing side was the last
  • give me details about the last nursing for Maria

Breast pump

  • save 3 fluid ounces pumping from both sides
  • record 100 ml pumping from left
  • what was the side of the last breast pump
  • get details about the last breast pump


  • start sleeping for Maria
  • end sleeping
  • when did baby fall asleep
  • when did Maria wake up
  • how long is Maria awake
  • how long is Maria sleeping
  • tell me about the last sleeping for Maria

Bottle & Drink

  • log a formula bottle feeding of 4 ounces (saves 4 fl oz Bottle with group Formula)
  • record 150 ml drink with group juice
  • save 200 milliliters bottle of water for Maria
  • get information about the last bottle
  • when was the last drink given for Maria

Diaper change & Potty

  • record mixed diaper for Maria
  • log dirty nappy
  • save wet diaper
  • add peed potty
  • log potty with pee and poo
  • give me details about the last diaper change
  • when was the last potty


  • save fever of 100 F for Maria
  • record temperature of 38 degrees Celsius
  • add temperature of 37 Celsius
  • tell me about the last temperature activity
  • when was the last temperature measured


  • record hair wash for Maria
  • save bath with hair washing
  • how long ago was the last bath for Maria

Activities with duration

  • start walking outside activity for Maria
  • end playtime
  • continue crying activity
  • give me information about the last tummy time
  • when did Maria start crying
  • get the end time of the last playtime
  • how long is Maria crying

Activities without duration

  • add medicine with group Vitamin D for Maria
  • record food with group Cereal
  • save Ibuprofen pill for Maria (saves Medicine with group Ibuprofen for Maria)
  • log rash symptom (saves Symptom with group Rash)
  • when was the last symptom logged
  • how long ago was the last medicine given