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Family Premium plan

With a single Premium purchase, caregivers such as grandparents, parents, or hired help can access the app’s features.
You and your partner can enjoy the Premium benefits without extra subscriptions. Keep track of your little one’s feeding, sleeping, diaper changes, and growth milestones together. Plus, your extended family members and caregivers can also access all the app’s features with the shared Premium purchase, creating a seamless caregiving network. Stay updated and coordinated with every family member’s involvement, ensuring your baby receives consistent, well-coordinated care and attention.


The timeline view presents a chronological overview of your baby’s activities. This feature makes it easy for you to track and understand your newborn’s activity patterns over multiple days, weeks, or months. Finally, it provides valuable insights, empowering you to create effective routines, anticipate your baby’s needs, and provide well-informed care.

Baby tracker with routine statistics


Gain in-depth insights into your baby’s daily routine with the Statistics. The app carefully analyzes and compiles the data you enter, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your baby’s feeding, sleeping, diapering, and growth patterns. As a result, it enables you to observe trends and understand your baby’s routines better. Whether you want to analyze a day, week, month, or specific date range, you can choose the timeframe that suits you best. This feature lets you focus on particular periods and see how your baby’s habits have evolved. The statistics are presented in easy-to-read graphs and charts, making it effortless to interpret the data and quickly understand patterns and changes in your baby’s activities.

Export to PDF

With the Premium version, you can effortlessly export all your baby’s data to a visually appealing and comprehensive PDF file. This is essential for parents who wish to keep a close eye on their baby’s growth and development and is perfect for sharing with partners, caregivers, or healthcare professionals. 

Export timeline to PDF
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Experience parenting without distractions: Ad-Free Baby Daybook.
Enjoy uninterrupted time with your little one without any pesky ads getting in the way. Upgrading to the Premium version allows you to navigate the app seamlessly and focus solely on your parenting experience.

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