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As a parent, keeping track of your child’s growth and development is crucial. Growth and development are two different things. Growth refers to your child’s physical size and weight, while development is about their ability to handle more complex tasks as they grow. By understanding these changes, you can better support your child’s development and help them reach their full potential.

Growth tracking

Keeping track of an infant’s growth is essential to ensure their health. Doctors will regularly measure a baby’s weight, length, and head circumference from birth to keep track of your baby’s growth and identify potential issues. You can also keep track of your baby’s growth by recording measurements in the Baby Daybook. Consistent and steady growth is a positive sign, while inadequate growth may indicate a problem.

Growth charts

Track your baby’s growth in Baby Daybook by entering your baby’s measurements to access growth charts showing how your child is growing. These charts are customized for different groups, such as boys and girls, premature babies, and babies with certain chromosomal disorders. 

With our app, you can track your baby’s weight, height, and head size, and compare their progress against percentile charts for their age group. You can also add notes and pictures along the growth information you input. 

By looking at these growth charts, you can gain insight into how your baby is growing over time and how their growth compares to other babies of the same age and sex. If your baby is growing too slowly or quickly, this may signal specific health issues. Therefore, it’s important to observe your baby’s feeding, behavior, and general health to determine if they are likely to grow well.

Baby teeth tracker - Baby Daybook


Growing teeth is a significant milestone for a baby, as it indicates proper developmental progress. However, it may come with questions such as when each tooth will appear or shed and how many baby teeth they will have. If you are curious about your baby’s teething progress, you can track it using the Baby Daybook app. Our handy Teething Tracker includes a Baby Teeth Chart to help you understand the process better. As your little one’s teeth begin to appear, this feature will guide you on what to expect.

Our Teething Tracker provides a comprehensive record of the teeth that have already emerged, those that are still on their way, and those that have fallen out. Every tooth is accompanied by detailed information about its location in the mouth, the age of the child when it emerged or fell out, notes, and relevant photos.


Did you know you can include a photograph of your precious little one during meal time, a check-up with the doctor, displaying their first genuine grin, or playing outside? You certainly can. You may attach pictures to any event as a reminder of your child’s milestones or significant and amusing memories for yourself and other caretakers.

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